Paul Smith

I am an experienced tutor, with 10 years experience of private tuition. I have a first class Honours Degree in Maths, an Mmath Degree and an MSc. I am a qualified teacher living in Eltham, Greenwich, South East London, and tutor maths and physics throughout London and Kent from KS3 up to Degree Level.
I am not pretentious about maths or physics. Teaching is not so much a matter of how much you know as how well you can apply what you know to what you want to teach. I try to keep explanations short and punchy. Nobody learns anything from a speech. I like to see students doing lots of examples so they can really work their way around a topic.
Often the hardest part of learning something is writing something down - a lot of the time students lose marks because they didn't write anything down except an answer, which may be right, thus obtaining one mark for the right answer, or may be wrong, in which case they got no marks at all, because they did not display a method.
I like to revisit topics regularly because students often forget much of what the have learnt unless it is regularly refreshed. Most of all I like tea, so please make sure I get some if I visit your house.
I designed this website and have written all the maths and physics notes for it. I also write articles and reviews for other parts of the website. If you read any of them, you will see I am an extremely individual individual.
In addition, I also run a free coursework website, a website for educational videos, and act as resident maths tutor on a major student forum.
I charge for maths and physics tuition by the hour. My rates are: KS3 and GCSE or equivalent £30 per hour. A - Level and IB, HNC, HND and professional qualifications £35 per hour. Degree Level or postgraduate Maths and Physics tuition £40 per hour.
Rates for Videoconferencing are arranged as soon as a request is made. All rates are inclusive of all travel costs, expenses etc etc, and the lesson fee is paid at the end of each lesson by cheque or cash. There is no registration fee. Tuition is charged by the hour but allow for more than an hour. I always make sure I finish an explanation, with examples, and leave homework too. I assist with coursework too. Any degree level coursework should be emailed to me. wI will be able to asses it properly and give you a price. Coursework is paid for by cash or cheque.
Please note that I do not give free samples.I will not do a sample of coursework for your approval.All coursework must be paid for in advance.I will not visit your home to introduce myself to you or your children.
To know more of me read my blog.